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 Women Creating Change Launch.

WCC kick-off event was truly powerful and inspiring. Bringing together women filmmakers and artists from the greater middle east and beyond, to creatively support each-other. What a great cause!

To support the WCC please go to

Zero Fucks in PreProduction

I'm super excited to announce that i'm producing my first feature film, Written & Directed by Ol' time friend, Ben Eckstein. Originally written for Stage, and successfully preformed, Zero Fucks is now in PreProduction to become the cult film it was born to be. If you'd like to get involved,  please feel free

to contact me for more info.

"My God. Everything is intelligent" - Pythagoras

I am so grateful to have been a part of this intensive & inspiring "Blocking!" lab, taught by the master herself - Joan Scheckel: producer, writer, director and creator of The Technique™.

The Technique™ is the most influential craft to be developed since Strasberg’s “The Method” and is changing how stories are told being told in Hollywood right now. How awesome is that? I can't wait to explore more!

Live on The Brian Rodda Show!


It was a blast & an honor being a guest on The Brian Rodda Show, A talk show about all that's trading online, And hosted by the one & only, Brian Rodda.  The show is aired live every Thursday, and is so much fun! Watch it HERE.

KomedyCo, my new comedy network, releases its 1st sketch.

So exciting! Terms & Conditions: Cast VS. Crew was released on June 6th and immediately gained mass viewership: over 11.6K in just a few days! Thank you, Facebook. Cast VS. Crew was inspired by KomedyCo 1st creative meeting, and presents the differences between the various types of characters in the entertainment industry. I'm happy to announce that the full series is in development. Can't wait! 

KomedyCo is an online comedy platform that I created, to satisfy my heart desire for laughter & creativity. I also intend it to become a comedy empire, so I can share laughter & creativity with the universe.  Komedyco is a collaborative environment for actors, writers and producers to create content together. We had our launched party and exclusive screening of our debut sketch Terms & Conditions: Cast VS. Crew at The Three Club, located in the heart of Hollywood.

Launch of the online comedy network, KomedyCo.

 What happend to RENT A GAY ?

The ADD channel was my creative home for a little while. I recently learned It was removed by its owner.  All the content I created, wrote, produced & directed (Rent A Gay, for The

ADD channel is no longer online.  Good thing i managed to save some of my work, you can view

it here, on my On Camera page. Enjoy!

It finally happened. I took the stage with my first standup comedy set ( Insert a 'wow' emoji ?) 

This was the scariest stage work I've ever done, and ya'll know, I've done A LOT. I took a class with the amazing and utterly hilarious comedian Judith Shelton, that resulted in a fun filled evening with talented comedians and tons of laughter. This is me, Enjoy! 

Get up, STANDUP! 

Sound speed, Roll camera, and... ACTION!

We did it! it was a great day on KomedyCo's set, filming Terms & Conditions: Cast VS. Crew.

Great job everyone! The executive producer (Me) is satisfied. And now... Post production!

Creators/writers/stars: Yaelle Botser & Elli Rahn , Director Tal: Yaari, Producer: Inbal-Rotem

Sagiv, DP Ken Statchnik. Cast: Sandra Seeling Lipski, Batia parnass ( Me!) Adam Meir, Paulo De Sousa, Sivan Philips , Josh Margulies, Dominique Allen & Oz Botser. Thank You Elor De Mayo for Hair/Makeup, Lu Ortiz for sound, Abigail Zilberman, Justin Searls & Rosalie Recordon. 

Stay Tuned!

Filming Crude Cafe in Downtown, Los Angeles.


Fun day on set! Crude Cafe is short film written & directed by the utterly talented Jd Lefogg, starring James Lewis, tennile marie goosic and... ME :) Excited to work with Jd again!, we first worked

together on his amazing series Time Lapsed, starring the phenomenal twin sensation Michelle &

Melissa Macado. Grateful to be a part of it! 

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