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About Me

Hi! I'm Batia, you may know me as Bat or Bati, it's a long story that will make a

fantastic comedy once I sit my ass down and write it.  I'm a fiery actress, writer and

comedy content creator based in L.A. 

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel,  I was 4 yeas old when my parents

took me on a group tour to Europe. We traveled with our own bus, which was

great, cause the bus driver had a microphone, and I discovered my true calling -

To entertain those who are trying to nap. I told stories, sang and haven't shut up

ever since. I spent my younger years creating sketched and preforming with

theatre and dance companies. Then my boobs developed and I decided to be

a "real" actress. I was 12 and I already knew what's up, so I made a plan to 

move to NY. Now you should know something about me - I'm invincible, so it came

as no surprise when at the age of 20, I packed my bags and landed in NYC.

Dreams turned into reality as I attended the acclaimed Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

where I completed 2 years of training. My time in NYC was a well mixed cocktail of 

theatre productions and personal struggle, that shaped my personality and made me

the bad ass that I am. I then followed the advice from Everybody's free (To wear

sunscreen) and move to LA before NYC made me too hard. What can I tell ya, I just

LOVE the whether. L.A treats me well and I'm super grateful to have been a part of

numerous film, TV & Web productions, which are listed HERE. 

In 2012 I created my 1st web-series, The Swamp and completely fell in love with 

creating my own comedy content, and realized I much rather make y'all laugh then cry.

After completing my improv training at the renowned iOwest ( Improv Olympic) I went on to created my own online improv show, the selfieseries Preproduction (Fake It Till you make it) , which makes fun of a "Big, Hollywood Producer", who always stays in preproductionI filmed 3 seasons with 31 episodes, when I was recruited by The ADD Channel, an online comedy platform, and together we produced content I created: Rent A Gay, a parody about infomercials &, a series about the ups, but mainly the downs of online dating. This was fun! Until The ADD Channel closed and I knew one thing - It was time to create my own comedy network; That's how KomedyCo was born. KomedyCo, is a collaborative environment for actors, writers and producers that create content together. It gives me joy to constantly collaborate with like-minded dynamite comedians developing new content for my diverse KomedyCo audience. 

When i'm not busy with KomedyCo, I'm writing my film Split in Half and developing my half-hour comedy; Powder. 

Image By Stefania Rosini
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